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Making the most of modern Digital Marketing tactics to effectively combine Websites, Social Media, Analytics, and more, we offer proven strategies for efficiency and growth in an online world.

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Digital marketing can seem intimidating. At IT Edge SEO, we have a philosophy of education and client inclusion. Read on to learn how properly leveraging a full-scale digital marketing campaign could revolutionize your business. 

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Based in West Chester PA, we have proven success in the greater Philadelphia area.


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Our goal at IT Edge SEO is to make the digital marketing process as simple as possible for our clients. We believe that clients should know exactly where their money is going, and exactly how they’ll benefit from our services.

We have a client-first philosophy, meaning that we’ll work together to achieve client goals. Ultimately, digital marketing is like a puzzle. Between the photography, graphic design, social media accounts, websites, and more, we help clients figure out the ideal combination for their objectives.

In today’s environment, digital marketing is more important than ever. Located in West Chester, PA, let the team at IT Edge SEO help you make the right choice for your next marketing campaign.


Our Marketing Method


An initial consultation with our team will allow us to identify key pain points


We will set key performance indicators and establish your marketing goals


We’ll utilize our marketing toolkit to devise the most effective plan for success


Once implemented, we will continue to monitor and adjust our plan of attack

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IT Edge SEO is the Digital Marketing Division of IT Edge, Inc. Since 1989, IT Edge has been providing comprehensive network and computer solutions to the greater Philadelphia area. IT Edge is the proud technology service provider and partner for hundreds of small-to-medium sized businesses in southeast Pennsylvania, particularly around West Chester, PA. 

As Digital Marketing increases in popularity, our team is excited to be on the cutting edge or the industry with modern technologies, website builders, analytics tracking, and more. 

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Braedon Swindler

Braedon Swindler

Division Lead

Walt Ball

Walt Ball

President of IT Edge, Inc.

Bob Kwiatkowski

Bob Kwiatkowski

Vice President of IT Edge, Inc.

Frank Cabreja

Frank Cabreja

Software Lead of IT Edge, CRM



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What is Website Management?

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