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Marketing Analytics Services

Marketing analytics can be confusing or complicated to understand at first. At IT Edge SEO, we are well aware of this. Hence, we make it our goal to take our clients along the marketing analysis (or analytics for keyword) process step by step.

So what are marketing analytics? First, allow us to share some of the services we use to develop better platforms for our customers.

Marketing Analytics services include:

Marketing analytics image 1

Google Analytics

Marketing analytics image 4

Facebook Analytics

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Google Search

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Instagram Analytics

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Google My Business

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LinkedIn Analytics

Essentially, all of these platforms allow us to understand the trends and traffic on a company’s site. This means that we can understand how the changes and content we create on a company’s site affects the overall traffic.

Explore our full site below to learn more about each avenue of marketing analytics available through IT Edge SEO.

How Can Marketing Analytics Supercharge Your Business?

Marketing Analytics themselves, and being able to interpret them, is not just important for a company, it’s essential. With the use of modern-day technology, companies are now able to track their platforms’ effectiveness.

Additionally, IT Edge recognizes how crucial it is for a business to be partnered with a company that can offer this service. Our digital marketing department is trained to be able to analyze platform traffic and statistics, and help you create a plan based upon that information.

Furthermore, marketing analytics can seem daunting to those who aren’t necessarily skilled in interpreting them. This is why our SEO department is adamant on helping customers achieve a level of comprehension with the analyzing process.

Essentially, a company that uses data to justify their marketing decisions is a company that emphasizes client needs. This fact in itself makes marketing analytics the difference between a good company and a great one.

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Marketing Analysis with Google Analytics

There are many different services that offer marketing analytics for the average user. These services have been revolutionary in the development of digital marketing as a field.

So what does Google Analytics do? There are a number of things that Google Analytics can do when analyzing a platform but we use it for:

  • Track session duration
  • Analyze bounce rate
  • Pages per session
  • Where visitors came from
  • Sales activity and performance and other ecommerce metrics

All of these amenities allow IT Edge SEO to take our marketing analytics to the next level. Using Google analytics and services like it allow us to strive toward a common goal with our clients.

Google My Business Analytics

In addition to Google Analytics, we also use a service from Google called Google My Business. Google My Business allows users to optimize and manage their google business account.

In doing so, companies with a Google My Business account are able to manipulate how their business profile appears when searched locally. This allows companies to make changes to their profile based upon what they believe customers want.

Our digital marketing analysis team at IT Edge SEO uses Google My Business for the following:

  • Analyze Google Business Profile Data
  • Incorporate SEO content within Google Business Profile
  • Keep Business Profiles relevant to local audience
  • Much More!

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Google Search Console in Your Strategy

In conjunction with Google My Business and Google Analytics, we also use Google Search Console. This utility allows webmasters to optimize the visibility of their site(s).

IT Edge SEO uses Google Search Console for the following:

  • Submitting and checking a sitemap
  • List internal and external pages that link the website
  • Set a preferred and optimized domain
  • View site seed reports
  • Check security issues
  • Manage site property
  • See what keyword searches allowed users to discover site
  • Track analytics based upon those keyword searches
  • Much more

To conclude, all of these services used by IT Edge SEO allow us to accommodate our customers needs and wants for their business. We use these services to promote a common goal and vision with the client.

Facebook Analysis Report Creation and Implementation

IT Edge uses marketing analytics across all platforms of a business to ensure maximum effectiveness. This means that not only is a company’s website optimized and monitored for traffic, so are their social media platforms.

Using hard data such as that found with Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, and Linkedin analytics, we are able to develop the best content possible for clients. In the age of social connectivity through digital platforms, having SEO content can make or break a business.

So what information does a service like Facebook analytics offer? Amenities such as:

  • Metrics on page actions, page views, page likes, post reach, story reach recommendations, post engagement, and more.
  • Page to page metric comparisons
  • Detailed analysis of user habits, post types, and watched pages
  • Most effective post type (video, image, link) for your specific audience
  • Targeting
  • Reach
  • Much More

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LinkedIn Analytics Reporting

In conjunction with Facebook Analytics, our digital marketing team also uses Linkedin analytics to maximize total customer reach. Services from Linkedin analytics include:

  • Engagement metrics
  • Numerical and demographical data about subscribers
  • Metric data surrounding: likes, shares, comments, mentions
  • Analysis of impressions, reactions, clicks, click-through rate, engagement rate and shares
  • Profile analytics
  • Site visitor metrics
  • Follower analytics
  • Company comparison tools
  • Much more

If you’d like to learn the full extent of LinkedIn Insights, reach out to talk to our team today.

Instagram Insights

Coupled with Facebook Analytics and under the same guise, would be Instagram Insights. Similar to Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights allow users to view metrics of the following:

  • Account Impressions and Reach
  • Post Type Interaction
  • Follower Trends
  • Audience Interaction
  • Discovery
  • Promotion

Overall, this data is plentiful and extremely accessible to any business. Where IT Edge SEO comes in, is when it comes to interpreting the data.

Moreover, our team is trained to be able to relay this information to a company, and explain how to use this information to better their company. Metrics are only valuable when a company is partnered with someone who can take the information and develop a marketing strategy.

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keyword variant

How to Get Started with Tracking Growth with Marketing Analytics

Getting started with tracking growth and traffic with marketing analytics doesn’t have to be difficult. Using the tools listed above, our team is able to create marketing strategies to further promote growth in our client’s business.

Additionally, tracking these metrics across all platforms allows our team to recognize and capitalize on trends within your business. In doing so, we maximize the efficiency and optimization of your company’s platforms.

To conclude, IT Edge SEO makes traffic and site data analysis easy and accessible. In doing so, we create a relationship with our partners that allows for open communication and a strong sense of having a common goal.

Any questions or concerns regarding our digital marketing services? Please reach out to us!