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4 Ways Website Traffic Analysis Can Help Your Business

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Digital Marketing Analytics, Marketing, Website Builds

Website traffic analysis is a great way to ensure that you are properly growing your business. In today’s business environment, there are a lot of different aspects to an online presence beyond IT solutions.

You’re handling your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Website, and more! How do you know where to properly direct your energy?

Fundamentally, website traffic analysis can help you to find the answer. Are you ready to learn more about having a data-driven website? Let’s dive in.

Understanding Website Traffic Analysis Can Direct Your Attention

Website traffic analysis can actually give you amazing insights on where you should devote your time and energy. Typically, website traffic analytics are connected through a Google platform or the parent platform.

This means that Google Search Console and Google Analytics are extremely important to any website or business. Further, platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace give the analytics right on the Admin homepage.

Importantly, these analytics will give you insights on where your traffic is coming from. If website traffic analysis shows that the bulk of your traffic comes from Facebook, for example, there are two routes to take. 

  • First, you know that you should keep your Facebook strategy the same (or don’t change it too much), because it’s working!
  • Second, you need to switch up your strategies on the other platforms. Obviously, there is something that doesn’t strike a chord there.

Don’t run around to 20 different platforms and devote the same time and energy to each one – it must be properly allocated, like anything else. This can give you a big hint!

Increase Conversion Rates with Website Traffic Analysis

So, what is a conversion rate? In short, a conversion rate is how many actions are taken on your website from a visitor. Or, once they visit the site, they ‘convert’ elsewhere, to a call, message, etc.

Website traffic analysis can give you insights on where your traffic is converting, and sometimes more important, where it is not. 

Conversion rates can be tracked on individual pages, so it is possible to see which pages are converting and which pages are leaving people empty handed. 

When evaluating these pages, try to find ways that you can make converting easier for these individuals that are leaving!

Target the Proper Market via Website Traffic Analysis

Ultimately, website traffic analysis is a great way to learn about the types of people on your website. Depending on the level of data that is being gathered, it can tell you a bunch of different things about your viewers.

First and foremost, it can tell you how people are viewing your pages. Are they viewing your website on their phones or on desktop? Depending on the answer, it may be beneficial to specifically optimize your website for one type or the other.

What time are the users viewing the page? Does this matter? Well, perhaps you’re trying to target a certain social media channel. The website traffic analysis can give you a hint on when to post to socials, or more, when to run ads if you’re into that kind of thing.

Increase Optimization Further with Time On Page

Finally, website traffic analysis gives really neat insights on the average time that an individual spends on a page. If a person is spending a long time on a page, congrats, you’re doing well!

Google takes time spent on page as one of the main considerations for ranking on the SERP (Search engine results page). 

Increase the time that people spend on the page with more text, cool graphics, or interactive features.

Not only will this give the viewer more information about your business, product, or service, but it will actually increase your optimization, too.

Are you ready to learn more about the process of SEO and website traffic analysis? Connect with our team today!

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