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How to Conquer Instagram Advertising

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Digital Marketing Analytics, Marketing, Social Media News

Are you looking to jump into social media and are wondering how to conquer Instagram advertising? Well, IT Edge SEO supplies social media marketing services to help you out.

As we dive deeper into the age of online advertising, marketing has become prominent on platforms like Instagram.

While Instagram implemented ads a few years ago, they have progressed into more than a social media site. Therefore, there are many ways to stand out or hide on this platform.

Want to learn more about advertising on Instagram? Continue reading.

Tips for Social Media Marketing

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Learning the right tips for social media marketing can make or break your company online. Correct ways must be followed to ensure you gain an audience, following, etc.

To put it another way, research is needed before you set up shop on Instagram. Luckily, professional social media marketers like those at IT Edge SEO take away that stress.

A lot of care goes into creating the right profile that is sure to gain attraction. Yes, anyone can make a business profile without help, but we need results.

Listed below are some tips when starting out on Instagram for you company:

  • Create a business accountBusiness accounts are different from a regular profile because you are able to cater to your target audience and view statistics of your account.
  • Stick to a theme– Style your account in an appealing and organized way to draw attention. Plus, this makes your business more legit online.
  • Increase awareness– When you are just starting out online, you need to find your target audience so they become aware of your services.

To emphasize, these are basic tips. There is more that goes into creating a successful page to showcase your company.

For instance, business accounts allow you to produce ads on Instagram when the time is right. Meaning, taking the time to establish your account makes your company more attractive to consumers.

No one wants to purchase a product or service from an unknown or unpolished company. Here’s what you need to know about creating an ad.

Inside Instagram Advertising 

As previously discussed, there are numerous steps to make Instagram advertising work for you.

In fact, there are also numerous types of ads to use. Consider if you want to have a singular photo, post a “Story” ad, or create an IGTV ad. There are lots of options to promote yourself.

We’ll stick to the basic photo ad for now. 

Alright, your account is all set up. You’ve posted lots of informative, stylish, or interactive photos on your page. You gained a small following, and your followers are interactive.

Ads are a way to generate an even larger audience while promoting your company. Single photo ads are a simple, yet effective method for sending traffic your way (the good kind). 

Photos simultaneously need to be clean, yet eye-catching. Ideally, you need to get your message across without including too much information. Leave consumers wanting a bit more so they go to your page.

Additionally, a call-to-action phrase works well to make people more invested. 

These phrases include:

  • Order Now
  • Donate Today
  • Learn More
  •  Sign Up

Specifically, it gives consumers the chance to interact with your ad or company. This drives up your ratings. 

These days, everyone is online and shopping on their phones. Instagram is a leading platform that took advantage of this with the addition of the “Shop” tab. It’s another way to boost your product easily.

Overall, there is a lot that goes into social media advertising, but IT Edge SEO helps to lessen the enormity of it all.

Contact IT Edge SEO Today

If you’ve gotten a taste of the benefits of Instagram advertising, contact IT Edge SEO today to learn more.

Our services are here to ensure that your business flourishes not only in person, but also over the Internet.

To repeat, Instagram is a great way to promote yourself online when you take the right steps. We hope to hear from you soon!


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