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The Benefits of Digital Marketing Analytics

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Digital Marketing Analytics

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Analytics?

Digital marketing analytics are an essential part of running a modern business. With so much business conducted online today it’s important to know how your website is doing, especially compared to your competitors. 

Using digital marketing analytics, you can get an idea of how powerful your website is, how optimized it is, how many impressions it’s making, and many more valuable pieces of information. 

Check out the rest of this quick read to find out a couple of the main benefits of digital marketing analytics. 

Organic Traffic Statistics

Organic traffic is one of the simpler pieces of information in digital marketing analytics. Organic traffic simply states the amount of traffic that comes to your website as a result of how your keywords perform. 

If you’re using a digital marketing tool such as SEM Rush, there will often be physical displays showing the fluctuation of your organic traffic over a certain period of time. Organic traffic is easy to understand. The higher the number, the more traffic your domain has been getting. In turn, there will hopefully be an uptick in your business. 

While there are not many direct ways to increase organic traffic, there are several options involving further digital marketing analytics. Using these options will help your domain gain more organic traffic, and keep it growing. 

Organic Keyword Statistics

Organic keywords are another piece of digital marketing analytics that are relatively easy to understand. An organic keyword is a word or phrase that your domain is ranking for, in order for your domain to show up on a search engine results page (SERP). 

Essentially, the idea with organic keywords is to compound different popular keywords on your website, so there are more possible options to appear on a search engine results page. As a result, the more times your domain appears on a SERP, the more organic traffic it will accrue. 

Again, if you’re using a digital marketing tool such as SEM Rush, there will often be a graph displaying where your keywords rank out of the top 100 most popular keywords on any particular search engine. 

If you’re having a hard time finding top ranking keywords, try conducting some keyword research!

 Backlink Analytics

Another way to increase your organic traffic is by using a piece of digital marketing analytics called “backlinks.” Backlinks essentially serve as references to your website or another website. Something qualifies as a backlink when an external domain (a domain that is not your own) contains a link to one of the pages on your domain, or vice versa. 

When a search engine sees that your domain is backlinked and connected to other domains on the internet, it rewards it. When your domain contains lots of backlinks you kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, your domain is being rewarded by the search engine for being connected with other domains. On the other hand, an extensive amount of external backlinks can create traffic from external websites. 

Either way, creating backlinks on your domain and having your domain backlinked on external pages is a great way to drive up your organic traffic.

Digital Marketing Analytics Are Important – Contact Us Today!

Digital marketing analytics can seem like a different language to those who don’t understand them. Luckily, here at IT Edge SEO, we’re fluent! Digital marketing analytics are what we’re best at. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use them, and how we can help grow your business.


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