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The Importance of a Social Media Manager and Your Online Presence

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Digital Media Creation

A social media manager is essential for getting the most out of your online platforms. In today’s age where online presence is everything, a social media manager can make all of the difference.

Additionally, partnering with someone who understands your company’s goals and initiatives is important. A suitable social media manager does that and much more.

Furthermore, a social media manager helps to keep businesses relevant across all platforms. This consistency across different sites is very important for users who may follow your business on multiple platforms.

Moreover, the benefits of a social media manager are endless. However, there are a few that remain important across all fields.

The Top 3 Benefits of a Social Media Manager

Social media managers play many roles when developing a company’s online presence. In a sense, they don’t have one specific job, rather many different jobs that make up their position.

Additionally a social media manager can give your business the boost it needs by highlighting your company’s best qualities. With this being said, the most important benefits of a social media manager are:

  • Audience Reach
  • Metric Analysis
  • Tracking Trends

While these are not the only benefits of a social media manager, they remain the most important. Having all three of these aspects of social media management executed properly gives your company a competitive edge.

Audience Reach

Audience reach refers to the amount of people you are reaching with your platform via posts, or ads. A large audience base means the bigger influence you or your brand may have.

First and foremost, a social media manager is able to manipulate certain aspects of social platforms to increase one’s audience. This can consist of:

  • Running ads on facebook, instagram, etc.
  • Targeting certain consumer groups
  • Using hashtags
  • Taking advantage of geo-tags
  • Creating strategic content calendar/release
  • Much more

Moreover, these are just a few ways a social media manager can increase one’s audience and reach. Once a social platform manager has an audience to work with, they can start performing metric analysis.

Metric Analysis

Once a social media manager has a customer/audience base, they are then able to analyze the metrics of that group. This aids in developing marketing strategies in the future.

Additionally, there are many metrics one may use to develop a social media marketing strategy. A few of these metrics that may be analyzed are:

  • Audience demographics (age, gender, etc.)
  • Post type response
  • Likes and Reposts
  • Page visits
  • Much more

Furthermore, there are many ways a social media manager can develop a marketing strategy based upon platform metrics. Developing a marketing strategy of course involves following trends.

Keeping Up With Trends

In music, business, fashion, and basically every aspect of life, trends come and go. A business with good social media management is able to keep up with these trends and anticipate them as well.

Furthermore, trends are forever evolving and changing and having a social media manager that recognizes this is crucial. They are able to manipulate your platform to fit the needs and interests of the consumer.

Moreover, a social media manager is absolutely essential for any business hoping to have an effective online presence. Any questions regarding social media managers? Please reach out to us at 717.386.9924 to learn more.




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