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Why Digital Marketing for Dentists is More Important Than Ever

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Marketing

Digital marketing for dentists is more important now than ever. When it comes to someone’s health, people want the best possible option out there.

Additionally, the best way to find quality service in today’s age is to search the internet for reviews of possible options. This means that not only must you have a quality physical service, but your platform must be optimized as well.

When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, reviews are everything. People want to utilize a service they can trust.

Furthermore, building this trust between dentist and patient via website is the first step toward building trust in real life. People look for a healthcare provider that they can both trust and depend on and digital marketing can help promote that.

The Pillars of Digital Marketing for Dentists

It should be noted that digital marketing never means one occupation or task. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a whole field of marketing.

Additionally, digital marketing for dentists can mean many different things depending on the objective of the practice. Some the pillars of digital marketing for dentists include:

  • SEO (Copywriting service pages, blogs, etc.)
  • Running ads (via website or socials)
  • Website and social media management

While these may be just a few of the methods that go into digital marketing for dentists, the possibilities are endless. A good digital marketing specialist can make all of the difference in the way a practice is perceived by patients.

SEO for Dentists

First of all, what is SEO? For starters, SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

Keep in mind, there are two types of SEO generally speaking: Local SEO and Organic SEO

While organic SEO is more focused on using specific keywords to optimize Google ranking, local SEO is aimed more toward local searches. When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, local SEO is extremely important because it’s how patient’s will discover them on google.

In general, SEO is when a digital marketing specialist writes copy for ads or site content that ranks the platform higher on Google. SEO also encompasses:

  • Optimizing ads
  • Streamlining social media platforms
  • Administering site for better ranking
  • Keyword development and research
  • Metric analysis
  • Much more

Additionally, SEO makes the biggest impact on whether or not your site will be well perceived by Google AI. This aspect of platform development is the most crucial, especially in the long run.

Social Media Ads for Dentists

In today’s culture, ads are everywhere. From billboards, to commercials, to ads on a website, ads play a large role in the field of digital marketing.

Moreover, ads are not exclusive to any industry. Across the board, ads can be beneficial for all industries, making them yet another key digital marketing aspect.

In addition to that, ads run on social platforms are great because you only spend money based upon how many direct interactions your ad gets. This means that your money is only being put to use if a user clicks on your ad.

More places to advertise dental practices include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Much more

Ads may seem like they are always there and maybe not considered much, but that’s not the case. It has been proven that ads are an effective form of digital marketing and can help promote any business.

Social Media and Platform Digital Marketing for Dentists

Lastly, the overall management of the social media and website for a practice could not be more necessary. Partnering with a specialist who understands the aesthetic and initiative of your practice is key.

Additionally, aesthetic and initiative are directly reflected in how a practice’s platforms are presented online. If a user can feel comfortable and accommodated while researching your practice, that is a successful platform.

Any questions regarding digital marketing for dentists? Please reach out to us at 717.386.9924 to learn more.



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