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What is Website Management?

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Website Builds

When conducting website management for a business, there’s a lot that goes into it. Many people think running a website is as simple as getting a web address and making posts, but that’s simply not the case. 

There are a few main bases that we cover when managing websites for our clients over at IT Edge. Many of them can be tricky to understand if you’re not familiar with the concepts already, but if you’re looking to open up a website management business or manage your own website, it’s all important information to know.

So, what are the main things we do when employing website management? Keep reading to find out!

Main Points to Successful Website Management

  • Domains
    • The first thing that you need when developing a website or conducting website management is a domain. This is one of the factors of website management that people may be the most familiar with. A domain is simply the web address that people use in order to access your website.
    • However, there’s a bit more that goes into it besides just picking out a name for your site. Domains must be registered, updated, and renewed on an annual basis. There’s a whole line of yellow tape that you need to cut through before your website goes live. Additionally, if there are problems with your domain, the only way to fix it is by accessing the Domain Name System, or DNS, and making edits.
  • Hosting
    • A website cannot go live without a host to make it accessible to the internet. There are a couple different ways you can find a website host. There are plenty of hosting services offered online, where you are using somebody else’s server in order to make your website accessible. Or, self-hosting is an option. Self-hosting is making your website accessible via a private server that you, yourself own. When determining what method to use, it’s important to listen to your client and their needs. Additionally, you need to be able to communicate with the web host to see if whatever features they want on their website will be compatible.
  • Updates
    • Live, active websites need constant updates. There’s nothing worse for a business than a stagnant website. Having an often updated website makes your business look alive and thriving, thus driving more traffic to it. Whether you’re updating your website by adding new pages and images, or updating themes and plugins, it’s important to have somebody who stays on top of all the updates that need to happen.
  • Backups
    • On the internet, anything can happen, and with technology, you’re bound to experience problems. It’s important that all of that work that you put into your website is safe. This is why an important part of website management is handling backups. Between domain problems, update issues, or a plethora of other problems, there’s always something that could cause you to lose data important to your website. With frequent backups, we ensure that your site and its information is safe and ready to be recovered.

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Now that you know what it takes to begin website management, you’re ready to start your own website! However, if it still seems a little too complex for you, that’s okay. That’s why IT Edge offers website management services.

When utilizing our website management services, we manage all of the things listed above, plus whatever else you need us to. IT Edge knows what it’s like to run a small business, and managing a website on top of that might just be too much. Let us take the load off your shoulders with our website management services.

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