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3 Ways Social Media Analytics Will Better Your Platform

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Social media analytics are extremely important in creating the best platform possible. An effective platform is one that reaches it’s targeted audience as quickly as possible.

In today’s age where content is constantly being generated, having a platform that is optimized is crucial. Staying ahead of the trends by using social media analytics is essential for staying ahead of competitors.

To keep things simple, here are three ways social media analytics will better your platform:

  • Tracking trends in data
  • Observing user data
  • Analysing engagement metrics

Using these three simple aspects of social media insights, businesses are able to capitalize on their social media presence. Read on to discover in more detail how these tools will help better your platform.

Trends in Social Media Analytics

Using tools such as Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, and Twitter Analytics, users are able to see trends in their posts. These trends help companies or individuals further develop their social media marketing strategies.

Additionally, user trends are what most justifies the creative and strategic direction of a brand or individual. Using the hard data provided by the tools above, users are able to see:

  • How their content is matching up with other pages like theirs
  • What features of that specific social platform are the most effective
  • Where they should be investing their time and money (varying posts, paid ads, etc.)
  • Much more

Taking these into consideration, users can take the information they have gathered and use it to build a more effective and stronger platform. Trends in social media are great indicators as to what you should be doing differently with your social platforms.

Why User Data Matters

User data is any information that is gathered by various metric services to categorize different trends in users visiting one’s page. This data can then be used by analysts to determine metrics such as:

  • User demographics
  • Follower trends
  • Type of posts that appeal to users
  • User habits
  • Much more

Furthermore, these social media analytics are then used to create a digital marketing strategy that caters to a company’s online audience. This makes a social media platform more than just a visual representation of your company, it makes it a product.

While you may not be selling a specific physical product, you are still selling something. Whether a service, an experience, or an opportunity, every company is selling something and social media analytics can help promote that.

What are Engagement Metrics?

Social media is all about engagement. Engaging with your targeted audience and being able to track their response to it is absolutely crucial.

Like the trends and user data mentioned above, engagement metrics aid in making your platform more marketable to your audience. Engagement metrics help users track information such as:

  • Post type interaction
  • Impressions and reach
  • Discovery trends
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Recommendations
  • Post engagements, likes, views, etc.
  • Much more

To conclude, all of the metrics and data in the world aren’t necessarily going to make your platform better. Partnering with someone who knows how to interpret social media analytics is necessary when using this data to move forward.

Keep at it! Maintaining Your Platform

So, you have all the information, created a digital marketing strategy moving forward, and partnered with someone to help you with your platform analysis. This is a great starting point for any business but the work is not yet done.

In order to keep your platform successful and effective, you must have a strategy in place to maintain it. Page maintenance can be simple, especially with the use of tools like content calenders and metric tools.

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