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The Ins and Outs of Product Photography

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Digital Media Creation

There are many reasons why product photography helps businesses in all sorts of industries. Firstly, it helps sell the items you put up. Next, it ensures that each photo is unique. 

And finally, it helps keep you up to date in the world of social media. 

Anyone can be a photographer, but if you want fantastic results, an experienced photographer is the way to go.

That’s why IT Edge SEO supplies the best photographers to give your products the attention they rightfully deserve.

Read on to learn more about this service!

West Chester’s Finest Photos

Stationed in West Chester, IT Edge SEO guarantees the finest photos for your products. We take care throughout the entire process to keep you involved.

After all, it’s your products and we know you only expect the sharpest pictures. 

Let us do all the hard work, while you watch the magic happen! Plus, the more specific and eye-catching the photo, the better chance you have at selling it. 

In order to be eye-catching, the image must be

  • Precise: Only snap the best angles!
  • Sophisticated: Clarity and definition matter.
  • and Useful: A picture is worth a thousand words, show how it’s meant to be used.

Our professional photographers pay attention to detail and always keep our client’s vision in mind. 

Product photography holds open many doors of opportunity for your business, no matter how big or small. 

Types of Product Photography

Different types of product photography are used depending on the product. Consequently, we always want to capture the best angle.

Some of these angles include:

  • Studio shot
  • Detail shot
  • Lifestyle shot
  • Scale shot

Studio shots tend to have a white background and focus only on the product. Similarly, detail shots zoom in on a particular feature of the product. 

Lifestyle shots show the product in motion. For example, exercise clothing snapped on a model to show how it’s used. 

Scale shots also show the product in use, but the focal point is demonstration. Viewers must see the size and shape of it up close.

Each of these shots serves a purpose and each product fits a certain shot.

We want to make your photos unique to your branding and product, which is also why we stay in constant communication throughout the photography process. 

Advantages of Product Photography

Notably, there are many advantages of professional product photography. In the age of social media and online stores, great pictures make or break your business.

From small businesses on sites like Etsy, to car sales pages, to influencers on Instagram, anyone can use product photography. 

To summarize, small businesses can benefit from professional photography because it helps the chances of their products selling more. Customers want to see good photos of what they’re ordering.

Car sales pages can use product photography to supply detail shots of their car’s console or interior to make it look more appealing online.

Additionally, social media influences can utilize this service in their ads. Instagram is all about photos, videos, and stores to help promote a product. Great photography means more revenue for both influencers and clients.

Overall, product photography is worth it.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today to get started on the product photography process. We promise to make your time and photos worth it.

We know how important product photography is for any business, which is why IT Edge SEO only employs professional photographers to get the job done.

Please, give us a call at 717.386.9924 or leave us a message!


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