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The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design in 2021: Where Art and Business Meet

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Digital Media Creation

Logo design is everything. In the modern age where materials, content, brands, etc., are so accessible, having a logo that impacts the average consumer is important.

Logo design can be overlooked by many companies, but only to their own detriment. The face of a company is not the CEO, it’s the logo.

Additionally, the first thing people see when they use your product/platform should be your logo. This makes you more than a commodity to them, it makes you a recognizable figure in their mind.

Furthermore, great logo design makes a company recognizable to the consumer’s subconscious While the logo may not belogo design - image obvious to them, there is a good chance they will still recognize it.

Again, when someone can associate quality service or manufacturing with your logo, they associate it with high quality service or manufacturing. When a company perpetuates this high standard through it’s services or products, everything with their logo is seen as trustworthy.

Moreover, I am sure we all know what “paying for the brand” means. While this is seen as a shallow form of material consumption, there is some validity to it.

Think, most of the time when enough consumer’s demand a product, there is some form of quality to it. While a designer brand product may not have the best material quality, in some circles, that brand holds status.

It can be concluded that when a logo is associated with something of quality, everything with that logo on it will be seen as quality in the eyes of the consumer. This is where art and business meet.

The Fundamentals of Logo Design

Like mentioned above, proper logo design is necessary for a company to be successful. Whether a company wants to insinuate a message with their logo or just be recognizable, developing the best logo needs the right approach.

There are a few key fundamentals of logo design that every company should pay attention to when developing the best logo for them. These concepts are used by the most successful businesses in the world in order to create an effective brand.

The key fundamentals of logo design are:

  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Timelessness
  • Originality
  • Balance

While these may not be all of the concepts that go into logo design, they are the common five that are used the most. Using these fundamentals as a template for creating your logo makes the process simpler.

Keep It Simple

Speaking of simple, let’s discuss the importance of simplicity in design. Simplicity, does not mean boring or plain, it means versatile, concise, and powerful.

Additionally, a company’s logo does not need to tell the whole story of the company, it needs to simply be a flag for that company. There should be meaning behind the logo, but the consumer should not be overwhelmed with something that is over-designed.

logo design - image

To further this point, just look at the logos and design strategies behind automobiles. Automobile logos tend to be simple, recognizable, and concise.

The same goes for high end fashion as well. Typically with high end automobiles or fashion, the more expensive, the more subtle and simple the logo becomes.

While this is not the case with all physical products by any means, it is a trend that can be seen in those two fields. Finding the perfect balance between simple and plain is difficult but also freeing.

When a logo is simple, it is also versatile. This means that the logo design is not too hyper-specific.

This is important because when a logo is versatile, it opens up more opportunity for the company to expand. The company should never be limited or pigeonholed into a certain market because of their logo, rather the logo should free the company.

So, next time you are looking at a favorite platform or product of yours, try to determine whether the design is simple or not. Then, think about how the logo affects how you feel about that product and would you feel the same without it.

Think Big, Now Think Bigger!

So you have a logo design that is simple, versatile, and concise, but is it scalable? A scalable logo is a logo that holds its value and message regardless of the size.

Furthermore, company’s should look at how they plan to advertise their brand when choosing a logo design. This is to make sure that their logo could satisfy billboards, banners, pins, buttons, etc.

Whatever a business wants to put their logo design on, they must be considerate of the consumer. For example, if a logo has text on it, that company must think about what it will look like on everything of every size from a billboard, to a t-shirt, to a button.

Moreover, when a logo is scalable, it is more versatile and when a logo is versatile, it tends to be simple. All of these aspects of logo design work together to create something that perfectly symbolizes a company’s message and brand.

Your Logo Design Should Be Timeless

Some things will just never get old, and neither should your logo. As time goes on, logo designs change, but in general, your logo design should always be timeless.

Think, who am I going to be marketing to now? Next year? In five years? In twenty years? You get the point. A logo should look forward as a company should always look forward.

In addition to that, if a company is only thinking about the now and not the future, they will only be successful in the now. This goes for everything from logo design, to marketing strategy, to brand management.

Furthermore, do not set your company up for failure with a logo designed solely for the current consumer. This could mean rebranding in the future which is not ideal.

While rebranding is something that can be necessary in some cases, it is usually costly, and can lead to confusion among your consumers. Generally, designing a logo that can weather the storm of time is one of the keys to long-term success.

Original Thoughts Only

The last thing you want someone to think when they see your logo is that it looks similar to another company’s logo. Aside from the legal problems that can arise because of this, it is just poor branding.

When designing a completely original logo for a brand or company, one must take into consideration the message they are trying to get across. Something as simple as the orientation of the shapes or tint of the colors can all mean something.

At the same time, some company’s may not want to explicitly make their message known. Rather they want something more subtle and less noticeable.

Either way, there is no right or wrong solution to this. No matter how blatant or subtle the message behind the logo is, one must always consider how a company’s logo pertains only to that company.

Furthermore, brand association is not necessarily something that is wanted when creating a custom logo. Smaller companies may use this as a tactic to have their business subconsciously associated with a bigger, more prominent company.

This tactic, while sometimes successful, is not respected in the business world and not sustainable. Instead, these smaller companies should consider what is it about the successful company’s logo that makes it appealing and effective?

In addition to this, one may also consider looking at all of the logos within a certain field and discover all of the trends among those designs. With this information, they now have the ability to follow the trends in their field or try to stand out.

To conclude, originality is respected not only by people in the business world, but especially among consumers. Designing a completely original logo is not always easy, but it can make all of the difference.

Balance is Everything

logo design - image

Lastly, of all of the fundamentals of logo design, balance is by far the most overlooked. Balance can be something that sets your logo apart from others in a very non-discreet way.

When a logo is balanced, it just feels right. Something about that logo makes consumers feel good in their subconscious.

Additionally, when a design is not balanced, people tend to steer away from it, even if they don’t know why. This is because humans by nature are drawn to symmetry and balance.

Furthermore, symmetry and balance can be seen in everything created by humans and nature. This is not to say that there is nothing to be gained in with asymmetrical designs, but for the sake of logo design, balance is important.

Moreover, something as subtle and understated as balance can be either a given, or ignored entirely. Either way, it is crucial when developing a custom logo for a company.

Design Your Future

Whether you are marketing a product, a platform, or yourself, create a logo design that will inspire you and your audience. A logo can be so much more than a symbol, it can encompass a whole idea if executed properly.

Additionally, if you follow the five fundamentals of logo design, you will without a doubt be able to come up with a logo that is effective. Design your, or your company’s future with the right logo.

Any questions about getting a custom logo design for your company? Please reach out! Our team is dedicated to creating the logo best suited for you.


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